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20,000 Leagues Under the Disney Standard – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

WARNING: I actually liked this movie, so it’s not as funny as some of the other ones.


Very intriguing, gripping. But this is a lot darker than I remember. Like, shockingly dark for a Walt Disney movie.

I’m torn on whether I like this or not. I do like the fact that Disney tackled such a massive film, complete with such a fantastic cast. But on the other hand, this was almost too weird. And it’s kind of shocking to me that they would have Kirk Douglass sing so much about girls, and get drunk. That’s out of the ordinary for Disney.

But can I just say, what the frick was that ending. You’re just telling me that these people just happened to find the messages in the bottle, decided to go to the island, arrived there at the same time as the submarine and started shooting at the hostages. Really? Ok.

– I will say, this movie stands the test of time. If you don’t like this movie, it’s not because the movie has aged.

– Peter Lorre… what a creep. But great.

– James Mason… incredible as always. Really, really good. But seriously, this movie seems below him.

– The underwater farm was really cool

– This movie gets a 9/10 for believability – the submarine was extremely believable, as were the scuba suits.

– Acting: 9/10

– Score: 4/5 – “Whale of a Tale” is a solid song, but the musical score was really fitting. Themes were memorable.

– Character Development: 2/5 – if there was any character development in this, honestly it was backward. Captain Nemo had his backstory explained, but it seemed forced and didn’t really explain why he loves to murder people and smash ships and sink the bottom of the ocean to die, killing his guests with him. Technically, the backstory does explain that, but it doesn’t seem believable that he would go to such extremes. It just didn’t compute.

– Story/Plot: 16/20 – Jules Verne is a truly incredible writer. I really do like the idea of this movie. It’s a science-fiction movie, but a period piece. So the submarine seems pretty rudimentary to us, but as a viewer, I had no problem with the fact that a submarine was wowing the characters. I totally bought it. I’d love to see some more Sci-Fi period pieces.

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