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Choreographed Chaos – Parasite (2019)

What on earth.

What did I just watch.

A film that begins as a intriguing look at class struggle, a comparison between the wealthy Park family, and their poor counterparts the Kims, gets absolutely turned up to level 10, and then turned up again. And it gets turned up in a way that is as shocking as it is haunting.

This film is confident. I don’t know how else to say it. It knows exactly where its going and the ride it will take it’s viewers on.

The choreographed movements of the camera make everything feel as if it was destined to happen, despite the absolute chaos of the story. It’s a combination that draws you in.

There are several moments throughout this film that make you go “WHAT?!” And I must be honest, there was a time where I paused the film because I needed time to wrap my head around what just happened.

This movie is dark, yet fun. I highly recommend it.

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