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Initial Reactions – The Lion King (2019)

These are my initial notes from instagram story:

  • Strike two for Donald Glover (strike one was the Solo disaster)
  • John Faverau strikes again
  • Disney strikes again with it’s unoriginal, money-grabbing, emotion-free remakes
  • The only people who are going to like this are the nostalgia suckers. Who, I will admit, will make the movie a lot of money.
  • Every emotional moment came up flat
  • The music was… bad
  • This really made me appreciate animation, because the original, which was totally unrealistic and really cartoony, was 1000x more believable and emotional than this.
  • Honestly, how could John Oliver not figure out to talk to the beat. Every time there was talking in the songs, it sounded so bad.
  • Every single song felt like it was going somewhere, but never arrived.
  • “Circle of Life” was extremely unsatisfactory. I was so pumped for it and it was a real let down.
  • They completely scraped the best villain song of all time, and replaced it with a 30 second slam poetry session.
  • And they added a Beyonce song. But nobody sings it. It just plays as they run across the dessert?? Is this a musical or not?
  • And did we really need to see a floating hair ball for 20 minutes?? Or a rat running around for way too long before Scar finally catches it? It’s like they sat around and said: “The original is an hour and a half. How do we drag this out to 2 full hours? Nobody wants to see a shorter, more concise movie.”
  • It seemed like the voice actors in this one weren’t even trying. Even James Earl Jones was not even close to as good as his original performance.
  • It seems to be a trend recently that big actors get voice acting jobs, and don’t take them seriously because they think it’s so easy.
  • Voice acting is not easy. It’s super hard. Just ask Tom Hanks.
  • Conclusion: Disney please stop. I understand that this movie was essentially guaranteed profit, but for Pete’s sake these remakes are driving me crazy. (Aladdin was good, though). I’m rewatching the original. Soon.

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