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Massive, Haunting, Awe-inspiring Nothingness – Dune (2021)

I have not read the novel and I knew nothing about this film going into the theater… and I left the theater realizing that would have been extremely helpful. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is an exciting, haunting, cool, awe-inspiring, but ultimately unsatisfying adventure. The film is made up of very intense, engrossing scenes that when strung... Continue Reading →

Choreographed Chaos – Parasite (2019)

What on earth. What did I just watch. A film that begins as a intriguing look at class struggle, a comparison between the wealthy Park family, and their poor counterparts the Kims, gets absolutely turned up to level 10, and then turned up again. And it gets turned up in a way that is as... Continue Reading →

Initial Reactions – The Lion King (2019)

These are my initial notes from instagram story: Strike two for Donald Glover (strike one was the Solo disaster)John Faverau strikes againDisney strikes again with it's unoriginal, money-grabbing, emotion-free remakesThe only people who are going to like this are the nostalgia suckers. Who, I will admit, will make the movie a lot of money.Every emotional... Continue Reading →

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