The Lion King – Initial Reactions

These are my initial notes from instagram story: Strike two for Donald Glover (strike one was the Solo disaster)John Faverau strikes againDisney strikes again with it's unoriginal, money-grabbing, emotion-free remakesThe only people who are going to like this are the nostalgia suckers. Who, I will admit, will make the movie a lot of money.Every emotional... Continue Reading →

The Most Oscar Baity Oscar Bait

What is this movie you’ve been hearing about? “An Oscar favorite? I’ve never heard of this movie!” That’s what I thought when I first heard about this Netflix Original. So, I watched it. And now I will break it down for you. This movie has about 30 really intense minutes. The rest is pretty boring... Continue Reading →

How can this Possibly be Real?

Icarus, a Netflix Original documentary is a story about an amateur cyclist who decides he wants to find out more about doping, and how athletes get away with it. He somehow gets connected with the director of the Anti-Doping Lab in Russia, who agrees to help him dope and test negative ‘for research purposes’. And... Continue Reading →

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